Space Needle paper models

Twist created two paper models of the famed Seattle Space Needle: a small 5-piece, easy-to-assemble 7” Needle, and a larger more intricate model that results in a faithful 15” replica. Look for it in the Space Needle gift shop.

3D design | packaging | promotions

ALM Forum

The ALM Forum is a yearly conference for application lifecycle management software developers, managers, and practitioners to share knowledge and connect with peers.

logo/identity | branding | website design

Advertising, print and web

Twist can help you reach your market with branded communications, compelling visuals, and calls to action that drive business.

advertising | marketing collateral | web graphics

Vista desktop, login screen, and flare logo

The Vista desktop illustration was the result of a request for a “light-infused” look for the OS’s look and feel. The feathered flare logo served as a focus for the login screen as well as the desktop.

UI design | illustration | brand | logo

Facing Homelessness website

Twist was pleased to design the Facing Homelessness website. It is a site created to build awareness of our relationship to homelessness and to each other. Visit

website | branding | logotype

Cover design

Twist has created numerous book covers, series designs, illustrations, graphics, and interiors for many publishers, including the work shown here for the publishing arm of the Redmond software giant.

cover design | packaging | branding

Ravenna Creek logo

Ravenna Creek Coffee Roasters features premium coffee grown, harvested, imported, roasted, and delivered by one team.

identity | branding

Alderwood Counseling Associates

These experienced therapists share a vision and commitment to providing quality care. Twist updated their identity and extended it to marketing materials, and a website.

marketing collateral | website | identity | branding

DevOps logo

The DevOps Forum logo and website are partner materials to the ALM Forum. The identity illustrates the agile relationship between development and IT operations and the goal of enhancing the relationship with improved collaboration.

identity | branding | website

Clix project management application

Twist created the logo, splash screens, icons, and other UI components for this project management application.

UI design | branding

Showcase Schools campaign cards

These campaign cards generate interest in the Showcase Schools program, a world-wide effort to further the use of technology in teaching and best practices for transforming schools with technology.

illustration | branding

Vista packaging illustrations

Twist based the Vista packaging illustrations on those we created for the Vista desktop artwork.

packaging | illustration | branding


Archiformz is an interlocking card toy. Die-cut architectural forms printed with building material textures and colors produce endless compositions of form and space.  © Twist Creative

product design and packaging | illustration

Pop-up calendar

This pop-up calendar mails flat and stands on your desk through the seasons. ©Twist Creative.

product design and packaging | paper promotions | 3D design


Twist has expertise in packaging and branding a broad spectrum of products.

packaging | branding

T-shirts and promotional items

Twist designs a wide variety of promotional items from t-shirts to chachkies and more.

promotional designs | products | branding

Marketing career toolkit materials

Twist created roadmap cards, scheduling planners, table tents, and a variety of other marketing materials for career development.

marketing materials | branding

Personal website design

Today personal, professional websites are invaluable marketing tools. Twist created this site to dynamically express a personal brand and a broad, unique array of skills.

website | identity | branding

Promotional materials for education initiatives

Twist has created numerous promotional materials for education, including pieces for Shape the Future, Partners in Learning, Educonnect, and HBCU Education Alliance, among many others.

marketing collateral | branding

Retail support

Twist supports retail stores with a wide variety of marketing materials, including ads and promotional collateral, web pages and graphics, packaging, and more.

marketing collateral | branding | web pages and graphics | packaging


Information design aids efficient and effective communication. Information only has value when it is successfully communicated. Let Twist help you with data visualization.

information design | infographics | illustration

Education audience team materials

These marketing materials were created for education teams to engage with school leaders, educators, and students. They include email templates, lockups, banners, presentation templates, and certificates.

marketing collateral | branding

Poster | Total solar eclipse of 2017

These posters were created to promote accommodations and resources for visiting the path of totality during this unique astronomical event.

posters | marketing collateral | event materials

Scientific American covers

Twist offers cover design and illustration, along with interior layout, infographics, and numerous other aspects of publication design.

publication design | cover design | illustration

Logos and logotypes

A logo (or logotype) is a company’s most powerful visual or verbal brand asset. It works every day and is part of every business transaction, so it must be professional, well designed, singular, and speak to its audience.

logo | identity | branding